Sunday, May 29, 2011


I've been making all my own burgers lately since its waaaaay cheaper then buying them and I can actually make them spicy this way. I found this recipe a while ago, I've now made it with hamburger and ground turkey. Both have turned out really well. I did alter it a bit, different for each type of meat. I used a dark beer for both.

For the ground beef I used onion flakes instead of powder and I only have chipotle chili powder. I let the beef sit over night in the spices and beer before making the patties and it definitely makes them a lot hotter then if you make them and throw them on the grill right away.

I did the same as above for the turkey and I also took out the chili flakes and added a lot more Worcestershire. That makes them taste a bit more like beef. I added breadcrumbs to the turkey ones too since they were a bit stickier. I tried a tip that I'd picked up, to lightly coat the burgers on each side with flour to help them stay together on the grill. Since this recipe doesn't use egg I think it definitely helped. I mixed the flour with Epicure Burger Seasoning so it wouldn't be floury tasting.

The link is below!

Zippy Burgers

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