Sunday, August 16, 2015

Turkey Apple Brie Sandwiches

These are probably my favourite sandwiches. I had it at a sandwich shop years ago and have been sticking with it ever since. These are the sandwiches we had at our picnic when we got engaged and many other times before and since then. These are a really balanced sandwich, I prefer a slightly more bloomy brie cheese, a goat or an aged would be perfect. I'm very of the belief that you shouldn't bother putting cheese on things unless you can really taste it. Its high in calories and fat which is totally worth it if you can taste it. Brie really adds a savory note to this sandwich that brings it to a meal without feeling hokey. It's great on a bagel, ciabatta, plain old bread or a even a wrap. I hope you love it like we do. To class it up a bit, it pairs wonderfully with a light rose or crisp white wine.

Turkey Apple Brie Sandwiches
Serves 2


4 Slices Bread, or 2 buns/bagels/wraps
Half an apple, thinly sliced - I like gala apples for this
1/2 cup sprouts - we use radish or alfalfa
4-6 slices turkey
6 thin slices of brie, enough to cover the sandwich
Miracle Whip (or Mayo) as desired


Spread miracle whip on two slices of the bread.

Lay turkey slices on top of the miracle whip and the sliced apples on top of the turkey in a thin layer.

Lay brie on other two slices of bread, sometimes I like to toast the bread for just a minute to get some warmth on the bread to make the brie a little "gooey".

Add sprouts to one side of the sandwich as desired, I used about 1/4 cup on each. Feel free to use lettuce as well or in place of sprouts.

Close sandwich and serve!

You can also panini this sandwich and have it warm with a light side salad or potato salad for a full sized meal.

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