Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slow Cooker Chili & Rice

Today I decided to make chili and rice, I think the biscuits linked to would be really good with them but I didn't really want them today. Even without planning I had all the ingredients (except peppers) on hand and it was really easy to throw together. The only thing that took anytime was defrosting the meat and browning it.

I chose to cook it 4 hours on high in my slow cooker, about the 2 hour mark I thought it looked really soupy and was nervous, but it ended up fine. I added double the amount of chili spice plus I added chili flakes and it still couold have been hotter for me. But it said chili powder and I used a blend.

I just made plain old white rice to go with it, the package directions say bring it to a boil (with the rice in it) and then cover, simmer for 20 minutes. I set mine for 17 minutes (because Rachael Ray is my idol) and it boiled over so I probably lost some of the water but at 9 minutes it would have been burnt out. if I let it continue that long. I left it for about 12 minutes total.

I had asparagus, so I put some oil and salt and pepper on it and cooked it for a while at 425.

Chili & Biscuits

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