Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Forest Chocolate Cake

It was my boyfriends birthday last week, so I of course made him a cake. He wanted a black forest cake. I wanted to make him a cake that looked like a monkey. So I combined them for a cake he wasn't allowed to see till it hit the table. I hurt my eye somehow this past weekend so I was all about some shortcuts for this cake. I made 2 Devils Food Cake boxed cakes. First off, it had to stay together. I was making a layered, shaped cake with one eye. So I cheated. Do it! Its not a big deal, you add so much to it that it doesn't matter.

I loosely followed this recipe below, because I've never made a black forest cake and I needed some guidance.

I made it like a standard Black Forest Cake, brushed the cakes with cherry syrup to add some moisture. I did whipped Cream between the layers with cherries, unlike this recipe says. And I did chocolate icing on the top/outside to make it look like a money, star piping like hair! I also didn't add any liquor to the recipe like this one or standard recipes, because I decided it didn't really matter plus there were a few kids eating away at this cake and the liquor wouldn't have been cooked out.

In my excitement I forgot to take a photo. My boyfriends Mom got one though, so once I get ahold of it I'll post it. In the mean time, here's the recipe - sort of. But I would definitely do this one if it didn't have to look like a monkey. Maybe next year.

Black Forest Mousse Cake

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