Monday, July 23, 2012

Key Lime Cheesecake

Cheese is my favourite food group. Well Dairy I guess, but cheese is truly all that matters to me in there. Cheese in desert? Yes please. This was my very first attempt at making Cheesecake. It turned out great. Other than the cracks, but if you can be sure of one thing with Cheesecake its that it will indeed crack.

I followed the recipe pretty closely - other than I used vanilla wafer cookies instead of the graham crackers. It took me 2 bags of key limes to get the amount of juice and zest I needed. I also added a squirt of lemon juice to balance the tartness and only used 1/2 cup of the lime juice as recommended by another reviewer. I would also recommend that you butter your pan and pre-bake your crust. Just 10 - 15 minutes at 300 degrees in the oven to set it and to help get it out.

We paired it with some ice wine. Just for fun!

Key Lime Cheesecake

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